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Goals and Direction:
(5-Year Agenda)
  • Advocacy:
Effect change, influence outcomes, address politically sensitive issues, fight for equity in resource allocation.

  • Alumni:
Encourage alumni to work with us; explore endowment possibilities.

  • Communications:
Effective communication will result in strong and creative collaboration efforts. Study language as applied to nontraditional student stereotypes, manage the website, host a listserv, keep us connected.

  • Financial Aid:
Discover the significant debt and the differences nontraditional students face.

  • Health and Well-Being:
Advocate for health, fitness, education, and psychological services.

  • Lifelong Learning:
Research learning styles; investigate the potential of credit for prior learning experience; gather statistics on retention with an adult education focus.

  • Organization Administration:
Provide support and technical assistance to student organizations and to NNTSA development.

  • Research:
Develop proposals and studies, conduct surveys; add to the body of and knowledge on nontrads, e.g., propose a national standard for the on of "nontraditional student", pursue a training-of-trainers grant.

  • Special Projects:
For example, the Paladin Project for individual and group advocacy, is waiting for leadership. Write grants, develop/manage projects, act as liaisons.

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