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Click in the box to the right of the committee that you would like to have more information about, or would like to serve on.

Effect change, influence outcomes, address politically sensitive issues, fight for equity in resource allocation.

Encourage alumni to work with us; explore endowment possibilities.

Effective communication will result in strong and creative collaborative efforts. Study language as applied to nontraditional student stereotypes, manage the website, host a listserv, keep us connected.

Finacial Aid:
Discover the significant debt and the differences nontraditional students face.

Health & Well-Being:
Advocate for health, fitness, education, and psychological services.

Lifelong Learning:
Research learning styles; investigate the potential of credit for prior learning experience; gather statistics on retention with an adult education focus.

Organization Administration:
Provide support and technical assistance to student organizations and to NNTSA developement.

Develop proposals and studies, conduct surveys; add the the body of research and knowledge on nontrads, e.g., propose a national standard for the definition of "nontraditional student", pursue a training-of-trainers grant.

Special Projects:
For example, the Paladin Project for individual and group advocacy, is waiting for leadership. Write grants, develop/manage projects, act as liaisons.

Other issues or interests:
We would love to hear your suggestions and ideas:

Members can serve on a state, regional, or national level. National-level service requires a committment of at least one year.

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