Like the
force of a
waterfall, we
can erode the
of our current
inspiring it
to evolve into
a more
effective part
of society.


National NonTraditional Students Association Chapter

A National NonTraditional Students Association Chapter has the following purposes:

  • Offers student advocacy (training is available from the national organization)
  • Offers a column for the Newsletter Banter column
  • Offers networking & professional opportunities
  • Offers chapter service to the student community

  • Public presentation support
  • Opportunities to participate in national models
  • Undergraduate and graduate assistantship, intern/practicum and work/study information
  • Research opportunities

  • Scholarship opportunities
  • National NonTraditional Honor Society participation
  • Assist other students or student groups in setting up chapters
  • Participate in Special Project Development
  • Participate in state, regional, and national conferences

A National NonTraditional Students Association chapter is comprised of:

  • A minimum of 5 members
  • Student body affiliation or willingness to become a formal student organization

  • Access to electronic communication would be helpful
  • A contact person with an e-mail address

Job Description for Representation on Board of Directors:

  • Student in Higher Education
  • In good academic standing
  • Plan to be in school for two or more years
  • Give at least a one-year commitment

  • Have e-mail access
  • Be active on campus, preferably in NonTraditional issues
  • Able to travel occasionally
  • Approved by advisor (by letter)

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