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National NonTraditional Students Association Committees:

The following is a list of NNTSA Committees. They are provided here to help you understand the focus and scope of NNTSA. When you become a member, you will be able to serve on a committee (or a few committies), and get help from the committies of your choice.

Advocacy Committee
  • Study & Report on Allocation of Resources (Institutional & Student-Fee- Paid)
  • Student Advising
  • Individual Student Advocacy (as resources allow)

  • Legal Advocacy
  • Legislative Work
  • Lobbying
  • Adult Education Focus

Alumni Committee
  • Contact Alumni
  • Fund raising

Communications Committee
  • Brochure Updating
  • Newsletter Publication
  • Quarterly Journal Publication
  • Website maintenance

  • Listserv Management -- Public and For Members Only
  • Teleconferencing
  • National Conference

Financial Aid Committee
  • Study and Report on Loan Debt
  • Locate Sources and Types of Financial Aid
  • Members' Q & A Forum: e-mail your Q's and the committies staff will seek out the answer and e-mail them back to the requesting member

Health & Well-Beign Committee
  • Health Insurance
  • Preventative Care
  • Aging Population Issues
  • Physical Wellness
  • Psychological/Spiritual Wellness

Lifelong Learning Committee
  • Learning Styles Research
  • Study and Report on Getting Credit for Prior Learning Experience
  • Retention
  • Gender Studies
  • Adult Education Focus

Organization Development Committee
  • Marketing
  • Membership Responsibility
  • Organization Chart
  • Job Descriptions
  • Board of Directors
  • Director
  • Business Manager
  • Advisor
  • Capmpus Representative
  • Promotion
  • Products

Research Committee
  • Explore, study and research issues relevant to legitimizing and substantiating the population of nontraditional students
  • Help constitute Demographic and statistical information

Special Projects
  • Child Care
  • Grant Writing
  • Homeless Project
  • Surviving With Honor Society - Scholarships
  • Housing Project
  • Paladin - Training of Trainers
  • Research & Databse
  • Service Corps

This is the end of the list of committees. It is our hope that this list will inspire you into areas where you can help, or may obtain help.

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