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- Friday, November 08, 2002 at 03:25:25 (PST)
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- Thursday, November 07, 2002 at 07:45:42 (PST)
Respected sir, Excellencies, LOTUS SOCIAL WELFARE TRUST INTERNATIONAL AIM AND OBJECTIVE We are running a Lotus Social Welfare Trust International and we are working on the several social issues such as Education, Peace, Child helth, Agriculture, Forestry, Tech Transfer, Trade / Industry, Climate Science, Transport, disable persons, Medical Treatment, Marine Life Animal Protection Violation of Human rights, Illiteracy, Unemployment, Poverty, Violence Against Women And Children , Child labour, Women rights, Environment, Fundamentalism etc. 1) We are just sending this email to you if you can take any initiative or not and if you cannot please. Do keep it forwarding to proper person and organization. You can provide us any donation in any form like food, shoes, new and second hand cloth, money, Computer new and old , blankets, Tarpaulins, tents, winter clothes, wheat and other groceries items we would use these items for Afghan refugees and Pakistani poor peoples. The main purpose of the Lotus Social Welfare Trust International is to organize all the international NGOs on a one platform those are agreed with our working issues and to receive information and strategy from the different International NGOs. We need your generous assistance in cash/or kind as donations, Zakat, Khums Khairat and sadqat to strengthen our hands and alleviate the sufferings and improve the life pattern of the deserving and under privileged. Fund Raising is a major activity. Behbud members organise two or more functions a year for raising funds for running all the above projects. The Vocational Training Centre, with its laboratory and Auditorium specifically requires finance to optimise its operations and utility. Donations are needed for constructions for our ever-expanding projects. All donations to Behbud are exempt from income tax under section 15-D of the Income tax Ordinance vide notification No:SRO-1397(K)/67, dated August 5th 1967. You may also give us your time, professional advice, suggestions... anything that will improve our working. we have been working in our limited capacity because we have got severe financial problems.domestic donors are helping us but there aid is insufficient with out having international financing we are not able to enhance our NGO’s promotional actives in a good manner. in your guidance we can go further and performed well for our NGO so we are looking forward for your financial help to run our projects . We strongly hope that on humanitarian grounds you would consider this mail Please specify if you would like your donation to be spent in any particular project of LSWTI. It is their commitment to Pakistan that led them to form this organization whose sole purpose is to build a strong Pakistan. It is an ambitious project, but not an impossible one. The organization takes its tasks seriously and is looking for committed people to join in, who are truly dedicated to the cause of Pakistan. Our organization is set up in a way that appeals to all groups including people who are interested in education, health care, politics, and human rights. Our goal is to have the right people at the right places in order to best use their potentials and at the same time help them grow as individuals. We are an organization dedicated to high standards and professionalism. To equip illiterate females with necessary attitudes and skills to make them economically productive members of the society, and create awareness among them regarding demographic issues with reference to family Planning; To raise awareness regarding the needs and legal rights of women/children and to support individuals and organizations working to protect their rights; To design activities for young and old to participate effectively in the socio-economic development of the community through launching a number of programs aiming at vocational and skill training, while inculcating a sense of “self-help” in the peoples; To provide medical facilities via dispensaries, mobile health system, and impart latest development and methods of basic community health/family welfare education to the people in order to fight back diseases, eradicate epidemics and maintain child mortality; To create awareness by developing knowledge, skills and attitudes leading to protection and improvement of the environment, and contribute to find effective solutions regarding solid waste management, recycling processes, sanitation problems etc.; To cooperate and maintain a communication system with foreign sources for mutual exchange of knowledge and resources as well as for obtaining ready information on Global changes / developments; and To organize and/or participate in relevant joint program and nominate delegates to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of others through attending the regional, national and international conferences, seminars, workshops, forums, exhibitions, etc. OUR VISION To transform our country into an egalitarian and literate society through supporting and promoting community education at grass root level and to educate people irrespective of their ethnic, linguistic, provincial, or religious background. To defend, to educate and to serve - physically and legally - our land, people and community, while motivating and encouraging the poor, the rural people, women, other weaker sections of the society through developing the means to protect their individual as well as collective rights and obtain, shape, and provide basic services to the people of Pakistan. Thematic Area Advocacy, Children, Development, Disaster Management, Drug Abuse, Economy, Education, Environment, Health, Human Rights, Information Dissemination, Poverty Alleviation, Rural Development, Women, Youth, animal right , old person right , papulation , disable person, Refugees , Peace , etc. Demographic Focus Rural, Urban Operational Areas. NWFP Chitral, Malakand, Hazara, Mardan, Peshawar, Kohat, Bannu, D.I. Khan PUNJAB Lahore, Multan, Bahawalpur, D.G.Khan, Rawalpindi, Sargodha, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, BALOCHISTAN Gawadar, Quetta, Sibbi, Nasirabad, Kalat, Mekran, FATA Bajor Agency, Mohmend Agency, Khyber Agency, Quraam Agency, Aurak Zai Agency, N. Varizistan Agency, SINDH Karachi, Nawabshah, Dadu, Larkana, Thatta, Kotree Major Projects Sewing Vocational School for Women (2001) Theme: Women Empowerment Project Area: Karachi Book Bank (2001) Theme: Giving books to poor children Project Area: Nationwide Schools (2002) Theme: Schools for poor children Project Area: Karachi We would like to further discuss on the above if that is of your assistance. Waiting your prompt reply in these regards. Contact: - RANA AFTAB Secretary General SYED SALMAN MEHDI President Lotus Social Welfare Trust International Secretariat: B-11/374 INDUS MEHRAN HOUSING SOCIETY MALIR KARACHI NO.37 POSTAL CODE 75080 PAKISTAN Tel: 9221-4503493 Fax: 9221-2418954 C/O SYED Zeeshan Mehdi Rizvi E-mail: lotustrust@hotmail.com" trustlotusyahoo.com www.lswti.itgo.com BANK ACCOUNT LOTUS SOCIAL WELFARE TRUST INTERNATIONAL HABIB BANK LIMITED RANA AFTAB AHMED SAVING ACCOUNT NO 3931-7 JINAH TERMINAL BRANCH KARACHI NO. 064 PAKISTAN.
- Thursday, November 07, 2002 at 05:29:07 (PST)
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- Thursday, October 10, 2002 at 19:49:49 (PDT)
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- Monday, September 30, 2002 at 15:32:35 (PDT)
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- Saturday, June 22, 2002 at 02:21:50 (PDT)
Ref no.5551/lotustrust/2002 “REQUEST FOR THE PARTICIPATION EVENT ,WORKSHOP, FESTIVAL, MEETING CONFERENCE” Dear NGO Colleagues, We would like to participate in your conference, you are requested kindly send us details and procedure to attend the said programme. We would like to nominate six members of our NGO kindly also send us the airfare and conference attending Fee in US $ and other expenditures.we want to participate in your event we are only five member who wants to join your event we are belongs to very very poor country which have nothing to do here but we will just offered our airfares. In this regards we hope you will give us relaxation in conference fees if you can. We will hope you will consider my application as soon as possible Please give me conference schedule program and other information (Books, Poster, Newspaper, Magazine etc). We are waiting your prompt reply in this regard. You're sincerely, Secretary General RANA AFTAB Head Office:- LOTUS SOCIAL WELFARE TRUST INTERNATIONAL B-11/374 Indus Mehran Housing Society Malir Karachi No.37 Postal Code 75080 Pakistan Phone No 9221-4503493 Fax No 9221-2418954 EMAIL NO lotustrust@yahoo.com / lotustrust@hotmail.com website: www.trust.itgo.com Dear NGO Colleagues, Lotus social welfare trust international brings together disadvantaged people who live in remote villages with professional specialists living in large cities to learn from each other and achieve shared development aims. We are also the friend and member of IFA. Since four years lotus social welfare trust international is working in place where traditional development paraphernalia and personnel rarely go to absence of facilities. We from a potential civil society in Pakistan. We promote sustainable, economic and social development in order to reduce suffering, deprivation and to improve the quality of life for poor people, we have the social, economic, legal and political status of women, and we promote mutual understanding between NGOs of foreign countries and their Pakistani counter parts. we will be able to struggle for converting a would in globle village.We explain to rehabilitation, drug addicts, health care for refugees, education provided, computer information education center provide poor children, young people to receive counseling and guidance on problems related to drugs addiction, to organize culture, shows, to establish vocational and technical school, we try to provide services in the field of helth, culture, social welfare education, child adoption, child labour, Fundamentalism sectarianism useless fields , old person right care and protection , Animal, Birds right and protection , marine life protection environment and aids prevention / awareness. We hope that you will take a step with us. We hope you will accept our proposal humanely. We are also running a lotus social welfare trust international to make people aware of our activities. Kindly arrange membership for us for your organization it will be a great honor for us to work with you, kindly also send us necessary formalities membership form and other material etc. Hoping that you are kind enough to consider this matter personally and sincerely. Waiting for favorable response from your end. Please do not hesitate to contact our office in case you have any futher questions (by fax, email and phone in the mornings). We look forward to a very promising and meeting you soon. Looking forward to be staying in tuch We wish you all the best in your effords. With best regards You’re sincerely, SECRETARY GENERAL RANA AFTAB Head Office:- LOTUS SOCIAL WELFARE TRUST INTERNATIONAL B-11/374 INDUS MEHRAN HOUSEING SOCIETY MALIR KARACHI NO.37 POSTAL CODE 75080 PAKISTAN PHONE NO 009221-4503493 FAX NO 009221-4503493 EMAIL NO lotustrust@yahoo.com lotustrust@hotmail.com web site www.trust.itgo.com EXECUTIVE COMMETTEE PRESIDENT DR.ZUBAIR REHMAN SENOR VICE PRESIDENT Mr.Syed Salman Mehdi Rizvi SECRETARY GENERAL Mr.Rana Aftab JOINT SECRETARY Mr.Tabish Khan FINANCE SECRETARY DR.Nuzhat Aara INFORMATION SECRETARY Mr. Syed Agha Jaffar Ali Rizvi CULTURAL SECRETARY SINDH ORGANIZER Mr.Fahad Ali Khan Afridi ORGANIZING SECRETARY PROGRAM CO-ORDINATOR ADMINISTRATION SECRETARY Punjab Organizer Miss Geeta Dayvee N.W.F.P Organizer Serdar Ali Akber Khan Balouchistan Organizer Nawab Nadir Mugse MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Sometimes back, prior to the formation of the Lotus, I Had an opportunity to visit the desert areas of Tharparker in Sindh. The trip proved to be highly rewarding in that I was introduced to a distinct style Of living with life ceaselessly being in a state of Conflict with the hostile forces of nature amusing Phenomena to watch from the sideline.The romantic sentiments subsided, however, as soon as I became exposed to the harsh realities and the Divers, killing forms of abject poverty the people of Tharparker were doomed to fight, seemingly forever. The degradation of humanity and helpless state of Affairs that I observed with sadness, changed the Whole of my perception about life and a sense of guilt Kept me surrounding until I dicovered the might of Social work as the only way of some Consolation.Instead of joining to any existing NGO's Most of whom have already been doing a remarkably good Job in their own areas of special concerns, I decided to form one of my own organizations to implement a comparatively different approach toward the problems confronting our society. I have full confidence, that with the cooperation of my colleagues, well-wishers ad supporters, in the Country as well as other parts of the world, to whom we are affiliate with, we will be able to register our Meager contribution to a noble cause wish the Proponents of the movement of social work in the Country as well as in the world, a year of promising Successes and fulfilling. (DR. ZUBAIR REHMAN) (PRESIDENT) MESSAGE FROM THE SECRETARY GENERAL I feel myself very fortunate to have been associated for the last four years with an association, the Lotus that has earned respect ad recognition, both at home and abroad for its devotion to the cause of social Welfare and self-less service to humanity. The amount Ad kind of satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment That I draw from my part of contribution, and so meager yet it is, cannot have a parallel in my Accomplishments in other areas of life. All the souls Occupied in social work, I believe, equally cherish and hold dear to this intangible accruement. While one should not feel dejected at the slow pace at which the movement is expanding in the country, the Lack of recognition and lukewarm attitude in the Official circles toward social work, however, sometimes, causes a source of frustration for the Volunteers. More so, because it does not facilitate in creating a distinct and desirable perception among the Masses for their special status in the society and, in some cases, gives rise to undue suspicion and Misgivings. The government of Pakistan, I suggest can Do a great service by just declaring all the Recognized social workers to hold a special status with a privilege of obtaining a preferential treatment And help from all the government departments in all their social work related assignments. Coming back to my own organization, I venture to admit that despite all the best efforts of myself and my Colleagues and the good amount of work done to-date, The Lotus is still away form the take-off stage, Struggling still to overcome its constrains of mainly Financial nature. With the launching of this annual Report, however, we expect streamlining in our Operations as well as a number of important projects to be kicked-off, the ground work for which has already been completed. Attention will also be drawn this year of the international donning agencies toward our work with requests for assistance. Keeping in view the dedication and the spirit of my Colleagues and the members of the Trust, I am quite Confident to have a great year ahead with promising Accomplishments. I am thankful to all my colleagues and friends in Pakistan and the world over for being a great source of inspiration and strength for my organization and me. (RANA AFTAB) (SECRETARY GENERAL) LOTUS WELFARE TRUST INTERNATIONAL INTRODUCTION What is the a member of the NGO's family, are Motivated with all the human energy and physical Resources at out disposal, to set the majority of People free from the Lotus and sufferings that Originate form president poverty and various forms of Social injustice prevailing in our society. The very Name of our organization keeps us reminding of this as our main objective as well as the nature and about of Efforts involved in marching ahead. Elimination of Lotus has always been painstaking. Who is Lotus Welfare Trust International? Unemployment, Poverty is an age-old phenomenon and has persisted in all societies with a variety of its ugly Dimensions. It emanates for economic circumstances and prolongs its duration with isolated, un-noticed Attitudes of the victims of the so-called vicious Circle of poverty. The region of South Asia, in Particular, inhibits majority of the human lot, which is deprived of the minimum very basic prerequisites of A life worth living. Numerous factors such as a predominantly feudalistic nature of the society, inequitable distribution of income and wealth, missing Role of the state as a welfare entity, low endowment of resources etc. Are some of the factors behind? Maintaining the status quo. The forces of change, on The other hand, are either dormant or distorted deliberately by the vested interests to discourage the Proponents of progress and equity in the society. In the given scenario, as highlighted above, the fast Expanding movement of NGOs provides a ray of hope for the down-trodden, dejected people of Pakistan. The Lotus Welfare Trust aspires to reach to the remotest Corners of the region to approach the poverty-ridden People plight has hitherto been un-accessed and Unexplored by any messiah. The integration of our Organization with international welfare institutions Provides us with an opportunity to strike our targets in a more enlightened and professional manner. We earnestly desire also to work in close collaboration with other NGOs in the region some of whom have been doing remarkably good in their respective fields. How was it formed? In May 2001, a group of young, energetic and Like-minded fellows constituted the Lotus Welfare Trust International at Karachi. They pledged to devote Maximum of their energy and strength to the cause of Social uplift of the masses and motivate the relatively affluent sections of the society towards the betterment of the otherwise hopeless conditions of the have-not. During a relatively brief period of 4 Years, the Trust has transformed itself into a body of highly dedicated, self-less and professional social Workers with innovation in their approach and Relentless in their spirit. Why Was It Formed? There must be a sound justification for new NGOs to be formed in the presence of a number of organizations already working actively to the cause of social work in the country. After having an in-depth view of the Existing bodies in the field, we have observed that they are lacking in a few crucial areas, which form the basis of our own activities and future programs. (a) All the Noses, with a very few exceptions, of Course, are mainly concentrated to / around the urban Centers where there already exists the requisite Infrastructure for them to easily access their target Population. Relatively better prospects for projection of their work might prove helpful in intensifying their efforts. But those, the most deserving ones in the rural areas who constitute more than 80% of our Total population gets overlooked in the process. (b) Most of the already small number of NGOs, who Venture to reach to the rural areas, are relying on Traditional methods which circle round the generation of resources / disbursement activities only. While this approach also has its own merits; the modern Practice of social work requires a more stable, Self-sustaining methodology in striking the problems. After having gained the insight and exposure to international modes of social work, the Lotus social Welfare trust international is anxious to apply and Practice them in Pakistan settings. CODE OF ETHICS We, the members of the Lotus Welfare Trust International, believe in and cherish the following Ideals: (1) We respect the humanity and understand that each Individual has his/her own worth, value and Personality. (2) All human beings are equal and factors such as the race, cast, religion, color and social or economical Status should not be allowed to be used us the basis for any discrimination. (3) We believe that everybody can attain the highest Position in life commensurate with his/her abilities. (4) Every member of the society should have equal Opportunities for growth and development as well Utilization of his faculties. (5) We shall strive for the noble ideals of human Dignity, social justice and equity, and to promote Brotherhood among the mankind. (6) We shall make efforts to uphold the cause of human Rights and assist in the democratic culture to take Roots in the society. (7) We wish to integrate ourselves with all those in other parts of the world who feel for the sufferings that at present engulf the weakest sections of their Societies and aspire for redressal of their Grievances. We, social workers aim at self-realization of an Individual and development of families, groups and Communities. We are obligated to use our efforts to solve social conditions and difficulties impending Progress towards social welfare. We hereby declare that we as professionals, aimed at Improvement of social welfare and development by way Of utilizing our expertise and value orientations, Based on universal principles of humanity. They are Peacekeeping; respect of the individual's dignity and Up-keeping the norms of democracy. OUR SOCIAL POLICY Our Social Economic is based on the principle that all Population should enjoy decent living conditions. We Will do every possible effort to improve the living Conditions of the most vulnerable and the poorest Sections of our society. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES We form a potential Democratic Society in. Pakistan. We promote sustainable economic and social. Development in order to reduce suffering, deprivation And to improve the quality of life for poor people. We advocate a respective and protected. Social, economic, legal and political status for Women. We promote mutual understanding between NGOs. Of foreign countries and their Pakistan counterpart. We explain to international NGOs the basic. Needs of the Pakistani people. To represent the interests of the most. Vulnerable in Pakistani society. To enhance well-being and autonomy of. Individuals and communities within an integrated, Equitable and just society. To develop a partnership between urban and. Rural peoples by providing an opportunity for urban Youth to work with an understand rural committees. To help in disaster, relief efforts, refugee. Camps, rehabilitating, drug edicts, visiting and Encouraging the elderly, the sick, the disadvantaged And those who are in juvenile detention centers. To provide service in the fields of health, Culture, social welfare, education, and environment. We have a unique opportunity to develop a truly global Drug control strategy. Our trust promote the permanent preservation of places of historic interest and natural beauty for the benefit of the nation. Our trust care and luck after refugees and provide food and medical treat mint. Our trust activities are orientated at transforming people’s behaviors and awareness, as a part of a process of changing social structures and relationships with environmental management that ensures the conservation of biological diversity, sustainable management of natural resources, and environmentally healthy development. Our trust provide supported sanitation and clean water initiatives. Our trust provides Agriculture planning, fertilizer, water supply, and farmer training school programme. Our trust provides helth care institutes. Our trust provide education programme. Our trust provides home trade / industry programme. CHILD LABOUR Child labour is almost invisible to most people, but Child workers are legion in the world. Sold or Exchanged as cheap merchandise, any children cannot Escape bonded labour or prositution.others suffers, and May only barely survives, the long hours of work, the Heavy burdens, the dangerous tools, and the poisonous Chemicals. The strongest will go on, forever bearing The physical and emotional scars of premature labour.At a time when they should be at school And preparing for a productive adulthood, young boys And girls are losing their childhood and, with it, the Prosise of a better future. It is true that all over the world there is increasing awareness of this problem. Nevertheless, a wall of silence still surrounds the worst forms of child Labour, and other barriers of ignorance and self-interst tend to perpetuate it. Only a clear perception of the problem and the firm resolve to combt it will finally eradicate the evil of child Labour. WOMEN'S RIGHTS AND THE FAMILY It was often said that strengthening women's rights of necessity destroys the family.this is a very Shortsighted assumption. A woman protecrted from discrimination and violence, and able to enjoy all her Human rights will be in a far better position to stand up and defend her children and her family. Promoting Gender equality leads to the promotion of equality in a partnership between spouses. Successful family Relationships and coping skills can be acquired. On The other hand, destroying the family means, in most Countries world wide, to leave women alone with her Children and her problems without a partner. Therefore, implementation of sensible laws and Training programmes seems to be a good combination, far better than juxtaposing women to the family. All the documents prove that in civil matters the family is highly estimated as a guarantee for the well being of its individual members. The right to family life is to be considered as a basic human right. The family is not just playing an important role in civil matters. Many of the international instruments concerning Criminal matters are addressed to the family and to The protection of human rights of its members, such As, the united nation guidelines for the prevention of Juvenile delinquency (the Riyadh Guidelines), which Emphasize the role of preventive policies facilitating The successful socialization and integration of all Children and young persons, in particular through the Family, as well as through the community and all its Agents. This document states that the society has a Responsibility to assist the family in providing care and protection and in ensuring the physical and mental Well being of children. CONSERVATION OF BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY The world's biological diversity is a vast and undervalued resource. It comprises every form of life, from the tiniest microbe to the mightiest beast, and the ecosystems of which they are a part. It provides Humanity with a cornucopia of goods and services, from Food, energy and materials to the genes, which protect our crops and heal our diseases. Of some 30 million Species on earth, only about 1.5 million have ever been described. Most species are found near the Equator, with diversity peaking in the tropical Forests and coral reefs. The planet's natural wealth Lies not just in its species, but in the genetic Variations within them. Genetic engineers can use these genes to develop medicines and foods.but Specialized breeding has dangerously narrowed the Genetic variability of many species, cutting their Ability to adapt to pollution, climate change, disease or other forms of adversity. Species disappear naturally over time perhaps 99 per Cent of all those that ever lived are gone but human Activity is speeding up this process. About one Quarter of the earth's species may be lost within the Next 30 years. Species die out as their habitats are destroyed. For instance, more than half the world's Species live in the tropical forests. By 2020 Deforestation could wipe out between 5 and 15 per cent of them. Overexploitation is another threat commercial Interests have jeopardized many species, including Whales and elephants. Industrial and agricultural Pollution have also taken their toll, while the Introduction of competing species into established Ecosystems can have devastating effects. The loss of the earth's biological diversity is one of the most pressing environmental and development issues today with each species that disappears, developing Countries stewards of most of the planet's biological Wealth lose potential for sustainable development. As Natural resources underpin-and are threatened by every Area of human activity, only the broadest possible Cross-sectoral approach can save them. People release Toxic chemical into the environment directly for Instance as pesticides or fertilizers and indirectly as wastes from other combustion once released, many of The chemicals undergo transformation and some may be carried away by the clement to cause local, regional or global chemical pollution. PLAYING BY WHOSE RULES? A CHALLENGE TO ENVIRONMENTAL, CIVIL RIGHTS With few exceptions' people come out of law school without having questioned pro-corporate doctrines on Property (i.e., future profits are corporate property; the fruits of employees' labor are corporate property, the right to manage is corporate property . . .). They Accept today's giant corporations as inevitable. They don’t seem to wonder how it came to pass that Corporations became legal persons with free speech and other constitutional rights . . . while workers on Company turf has no Bill of Rights protections. They do not encourage the rest of us to ask why a Sovereign people should permit corporate legal Fictions to elect our representatives, write/pass our Laws, or lie to the public on vital issues. Environmental and labor lawyers are trained not to Challenge prevailing assumptions about the law, and to accept current legal doctrines. And then they train us Corporate lawyers, government lawyers, environmental Lawyers -- all have been funnelling people's time, Energy and resources into stacked deck regulatory and Administrative law arenas . . . where even if we "Win," we don't win much, and where there are few Mechanisms we can use to shift rights and powers from Corporations to people, communities and nature. Movement lawyers should take their cues from activists on the ground. Local organizers should say, "Such-and-such investment and production are Destructive, uneconomical and wrong, but are protected by law and therefore by government. We will educate and organize to stop these Harm doers. We need you lawyers to figure out how we Can use the law and the courts to help us, or at least not to block us. Please don't lecture us about what we can’t do. Don't come up with legal strategies, which Enable corporatons to hide behind the privileges and Immunities which corporations have taken from the People. And please don't tie our hands." Some of these environmental law groups received immediate support and financial backing from powerful Philanthropies like the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations, and from law firms which represented large corporations. In fact, most populur struggles -- labor, civil Rights, and environmental -- have been taken out of the public's hands. Trade unionists allow their rights as organizers to be defined not by the power they wield but by the National Labor Relations Act. Years of protest by civil rights activists led to federal Laws like the Voing Rights Act which are much less than what people had organized and died for. What did we get? Laws which legalized the poisoning of the air and water, which legalized clear cuting which left unchallenged the privileges and immunides which corporations had usurped during the past century, and which concentrated power in the hands of appointed regulators and administrators insulated from our reach. ALCOHOL EDUCATION The increase in alcohol consumption and alcohol-related problems which has been such a striking feature of most western developed countries since the end of world war 11 have given rise to a search for new and effective ways of preventing the adverse health and social consequences of drinking. Nowhere has that search been more vigorous than in the area of alcohol education. The potential benefits of effective educational programmes are great, reaching across the whole drinking population at the same time as they offer the opportunity to focus upon the needs of particularly vulnerable groups. The educational structures are already available, both in the sense of formal institutions such as schools and universities and also through informal media, such as newspapers, television and other media. Additional impetus has been gathered from a general increase in people's awareness of Helth and willingness, at least in some areas, to take positive action. Parallels have been drawn with the area of smoking education, where some campaigns seem to have met with substantial success. Alcohol education appears full of promise. It has few opponents, since drinkers and nondrinkers, governments and the liquor industry, doctors and barmen, all seem to believe that it has as important role to play in encouraging healthier and moderate behavior, particular social policy proposals, such as increasing the price of alcohol, meet with vehement opposition. Even particular treatment approaches can arouse bitter attacks. But Alcohol education generally sails ahead to the stay, if rather undemonstrative approval of the population at large. The question, which emerges, is whether the Popularity of alcohol education is because it is self-evidently harmless or because it can be potentially instrumental in altering what continues to be a deteriorating situation. The search for innovative approaches to alcohol education has produced and enormous expansion in the range and diversity of programmes, materials and campaigns in countries around the world. There can be little doubt that some at least of these efforts are remarkable for their inentivencess, thoughtfulness and energy. All are well intentioned. However, what is far less certain is whether these efforts can really be shown, individually or collectively, to have a positive impact upon Health. To promote the exchange of epidemiological research on a alcohol across cultures based on a wide Rage of methodological approaches. To foster a comparative understanding of the social aspects of alcohol use and problems; To share information on current research projects; To encourage research in the developing world; CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT It is with great pleasure that Lotus welfare trust international work child abuse and neglect the process Of sharing our knowledge with, and learning from, each other is a continuos and evolving one .the sub-themes will attempt to balance the narrow focus of child abuse detection, education, and the setting of general societal standards the global task of facilitating protective families to rear protected children will be Addressed. The prevention of child abuse and neglect by providing for the material needs of families, as Well as by fostering parent's confidence in their own abilities to nurture and discipline their own children Will be discussed. The role of governments, legal systems, and communities in this process will also be addressed. FIELDS OF WORKING HEALTH Build vocational. & technical schools. To carry out projects aimed at increasing the. Carrying potential of women through skill development, Training and adult literacy courses and thereby Reducing the degree of their dependency. To conduct workshops & seminars on drug Awareness. To establish school in remote areas for. Children. ENVIROMENT To follow forward the programs of the United National and the government of Pakistan on environment. The Lotus intends to carry out with its own version of Children Forest Program (C.F.P) with 'love green' as the main slogan. All out efforts would be made to inculcate the green house culture in the country. SOCIAL WORK Welfare services. Ambulance services. Community welfare centers. Know how about family planning. Provide education ,helth care programme . Peace awareness programme. Envirmental programme. CULTURAL AND INTERNAL ACTIVITES. To promote handicrafts. To promote cottage industries. To organize cultural stage drama and others. Shows etc. STRUCTURE. Lotus Welfare Trust International is governed by its trustees, which consist of a president, vice President, secretary general, joint secretary, and secretary finance and executive board trustees. MEMBERSHIP Lotus Welfare Trust International accepts as member all those persons who are dedicated themselves for Social work. Membership is voluntary and members can join and leave at their own will. Presently lotus Welfare Trust International has 500 members from all over the country by the end of the fiscal year 2001. OUR CO-OPERATION AND CO -ORDINATION With the Lotus Welfare Trust International is enjoying good linkages with National Conceal of social welfare, Distt. Education Department, Distt. Administration and social welfare Department. Besides these we have develop good network with local groups and NGOs. We have a network of local organization regarding information sharing and exchange of experience. STAFF OF (OFFICE BEARERS) LOTUS WELFARE TRUST INTERNATIONAL VI. OUR ACTIVITIES LOCATION: Mair Puir, District West Karachi, Hocks Bay Village Punjab Balochistan Sindh all country city and villages My target. Right now there are a lot of areas, which need a lot of development in different walk of life, And our projects area is one of the most remote areas between them. HOW DID WE CHOOSE THE PROJECTS AREA''? Before choosing Sindh villages as our Project Area we visited several villages and found as the most needy And the most deserving villages. The names of other villages, which we visited, are listed below: 1. Sharafi Goth 2. Dawood Goth After visiting workshop these villages we visited 20 villages we visited five villages of Karachi west, East district and then choose Mari Pur because it is in the Most backward Area Karachi and the people of Other five villages can easily get benefit form the facilities which will be provided there through this Projects. The names of seven near by villages of Mari Pur are written bellow: 1. Hoor Nachi Para. 2. Futher Colony. 3. Budhani Goth. 4. Yusuf Goth. 5. Malir Goth. 6. Jaskani Mohallah 7. Landhi Goth. First we did a compete survey and workshop of those villages and got information about the every aspect of The local people's life and about the problems which they were having. After this diagnostic process we Felt that people need help and there is so much work to do, so we choose these villages as our projects Area''. Why did choose Mari Pur as our Project area''? At the moment in the said area, there are no basic facilities of human life and it is the most Arid Zone And extremely disaster area. At the present time there are no roads and people of this village have to travel A long way to reach the main road. Health services and educational facilities are not available. We felt that People don't have any facility to deal with these problems. This village needs a development in Different walks of life. As our policy is to help the poorest and the most Vulnerable sectors of our country, so we started our Projects in these villages. What are our activities? Our projects is to provide education, Health, computer information, environment, child labour, handicrafts, Drinking water facilities to the villagers. To meet his goal we intend to start a school, an industrial home and a dispensary in these villages by using our own means and resources. To improve their standard of living we will start some income generating schemes. Before starting this project they were used to drink water from a canal which is not clean, but now Lotus Welfare Trust International has provided them drinking water Facility by installing hand pumps computer information education. It is multi- purpose projects and we want to improve village's standard of living and provide them facilities in every walk of life. AIMS AND OBJECTS LITERACY PROJECT This importance of the education cannot be over rated. It effects vitally the outlook and efficiency of the People folk. The main purpose of the education project is to provide the basic educational services, network And development in order to increase the literacy the literacy rate. This is to improve the quality and Standard of life of the poor peoples of the area, by providign them educational facilities on the doorsteps Of their villages. To conduct adult literacy courses. The construction of school building at the. Village and arrangement of books and other educational Material and staff, i.e., teachers (male female), peon, watchman etc. HANDI CRAFT VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTER PROJECTS (TECHNICAL PROJECTS) To construct an industrial home. To carry out projects which aim to in increase the caring potential of woman through skills development and training. To improve the living standard of the local female population by giving them training of some useful skills which can help them in generating income also. HEALTH FACULTY The overall goal of this program is to raise the standard of health of the local community, with a Special focus on reducing child and infant mortality, morbidity and maternal mortality, and to increase Community awareness and self sufficiency in health related issuss.more specifically, the projects aim to Bring about the positive change of attitude of mothers and adolescent girls, with increase knowledge, skills And confidence to make use of health and other facilities; improve the health of women and children Through immunization, ante natal and well-baby clinic, post natal visits and referral to clinics and Hospitals; develop school going children into catalysts to spread health care and social awareness in the rural community, the nutrition and childcare classes, education on basic heath. BENEFICIARIES (DIRECT AND INDIRECT) This project's beneficiaries are 100 people living in Mari Pur village and 4000 people of other seven Villages. Since Mari Pur in the center of those villages and the people of these villages can arrive here very easily, So we are running our projects here. COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTION Local people's participation is very important factor. When interventions include the participation of the Community, as well as understanding of their needs, the programs are more successful. Through Participation the communities build their self-help potential and feel confident and better equipped to Face the challenges and deal with problems. According to the agreement with the village chief and Other people of the community they provided us land and labor for the said projects. The local people are very friendly and cooperative. We made them realized that things could be changed if they stick together, organized and act, so they are cooperating a lot and are very much hopeful. HOW MUCH WORK WAS DONE? We have done the complete survey of the project area and about all the aspects of the villager's life to Investigate about their problems and to know about their behavior towards those problems. To bring a social change there we are continuously trying to change their minds and to make them Understand the importance of education, cleanliness etc. To get this purpose and to involve them, we made Different committees in these villages which are given below: LOTUS WELFARE TRUST INTERNATIONAL WORKING COMMITTEE IN PAKISTAN Health committee. Educational committee. Agricultural development committee. Child labors committee. Environment development committee. Woman right committee. Disable person committee. Water supplies committee. Revere sees clean committee. All world refugees protection committee. Human right law committee. Human health committee. Environmental education and training Committee. Family planing committee. DRINKING WATER In the material sense we have revised them drinking water facility by installing hand pumps in these Villages. Before installing these hand pumps they were used to drink water from a canal which is not clean and due to this problem they were having many health problems. There was a big risk of cholera, infectious Hepatitis, typhoid, dysentery, parasitic etc. this manner we have solved one of there basic but major problem. HELTH We arranged a camp in Mari Pur on the occasion of Polio day because government didn't provide any Services regarding this matter. FUTURE PLAN HOOR NACHI PARA We have started working in village Hoor Nachi Para and other nearby villages. LOCATION Hoor Nachi Para Budhani Goath Future colony Karachi. PRESENT SITUATION We completed the census and complete survey of the village to investigate about their problems. After this diagnostic process we felt that people are facing a lot of problems here. They don't have any king of health and drinking water facilities. These problems create a lot of difficulties in their lives. Email no lotus social welfare trust international: -Lotustrust@hotmail.com / lotustrust@yahoo.com We intend to provide them drinking water facilities by construction of water supply system. We also want to Solve their health problem by starting a child mother Health care center and dispensary in the village. LSWTI is working for the establishment of the Non formal school in the village and other nearby villages with the cooperation of the department of Non formal education, Sindh Punjab, Balochistan, frontier villages. SBENEFICIARIES According to census committee there are 444 houses in this village and twelve hundred people are living Here. People are very friendly and co-operative. The project will be benefiting and advantageous for Approximately 9000 people of nearby villages also. WATER PUMP AND UNDER GROUND STORE WATER TANK LOTUS SOCIAL WELFARE TRUST PROJECT A lack of water is considered the main factor inhibiting the development of a sustainable food Production base in Pakistan. Lotus social welfare trust international works with communities to build earth Embankment dams and masonry weirs for water supplies for domestic, livestock and irrigation purposes. The Trust operates a dam construction unit of four agricultural tractors with dam scoops, trailers and Water bowsers. Despite the use of such equipment, earth dam construction with an adequate impoundment and properly constructed spillway is still an onerous and skilled task. Adequate preparations and precautions must be carried out and it is extremely demanding of manual labour. The sheer physical work is enormous, particularly for the general workers very many of whom will be women desperate to improve their water security situation. Any community engaged in dam building has a great deal of work to undertake which is particularly Difficult without adequate equipment. Partly because of the exodus of men from the rural areas there are invariably more women and girls involved in dam construction than men and boys. Rocks have to be cleared and sand and aggregate collected for building the rocks into the head wall and spillway of the dam. The foundation of the dam wall has to be dug out, some 5 metres wide and deep enough to either reach rock or a solid underlying surface. A site has to be cleared and prepared from where material for the dam wall can be scraped and the dam wall itself has to be consolidated.Concrete and building mortar has to be mixed for the several local builders who will be involved in the masonry work of the dam.Community work includes the collecting and transporting of large volumes of rock to the construction site to stone-pitch the entire upstream bank to reduce damage from the impounded water. Excavating the core trench for Malir Landhi Dam Apart from livestock and domestic use, the dams provide water for irrigation. Wherever possible irrigation schemes are constructed down-stream of a dam so that water gravitates naturally to garden children without either the initial or the operating costs of engines, motors or pumps. Water is distributed within the children park by canals to flooded beds or to simple low-level tanks from where Water can easily be drawn and carried to the irrigation beds. Water supplied to such small-scale irrigation schemes frequently becomes the corner stone of food security systems within a community. Lotus social welfare Trust international is a key partner in the Give a Hand pump and under ground store water tank Campaign; a collaboration of local and international NGO's Local Government administration, Government agencies, the private sector and Donor partners. The campaign has identified the construction of dams as one of the main solutions to the chronic food shortages in Matabeleland all Pakistan. The construction of small and medium size dams, coupled with the development of small, community managed, gravity fed irrigation schemes is the foundation of a co-ordinated program for sustainable improvement of the food security situation in the Province. The Campaign sets out to construct approximately 100 dams and at least 50 irrigation schemes, CHILD ADOPTION CASE Although most nations regard adoption and similar arrangements as one of the last resorts for children Without parents, it does offer many infants and young children hope of a new and caring environment in which to grow. Adoption is generally preferable to institutional care, and nations usually have well Established haws and procedures for the placement of orphaned or abandoned children in suitable homes. LOTUS WELFARE TRUST INTERNATIONAL WORKED ON IX CODINATION WITH OTHER ORGANIZATIONS Youth education society district east NGO's. It's a project of a hostel (orphanage) for the orphan Children. Its aim is to prove all the facilities to the orphan children, which a child should have. LOTUS WELFARE TRUST INTERNATIONAL Was with them from beginning to the end and when this project was completed Lotus welfare trust International. BANK ACCOUNT LOTUS SOCIAL WELFARE TRUST INTERNATIONAL HABIB BANK LIMITED RANA AFTAB AHMED SAVING ACCOUNT NO 3931-7 JINAH TERMINAL BRANCH KARACHI NO. 064 PAKISTAN Head Office:- LOTUS SOCIAL WELFARE TRUST INTERNATIONAL B-11/374 INDUS MEHRAN HOUSEING SOCIETY MALIR KARACHI NO.37 POSTAL CODE 75080 PAKISTAN PHONE NO 009221-4503493 FAX NO 009221-4503493 EMAIL NO lotustrust@yahoo.com lotustrust@hotmail.com web site www.trust.itgo.com
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